Type 1 Things Interview: A Canadian Diabetic Supply Store

I’ve known Type 1 Things owner Anthony for a few years now and will state that he is an outstanding person within his community whose generosity to give back is something maybe we could all learn from.

When he told me that he would be starting up this business, I had to ask if he would be featured in our Bank Breaker showcase. I have no doubt he is on the right path to being clarified as a Bank Breaker and was fortunate enough to get a response that we could do a written interview.

Type 1 Things is the name of Anthony’s business and is based in Prince Edward Island. His story sells supply for diabetics. I’ll let Anthony explain more about the business in the following questions:

1. Please share with us your story of why you decided to create this business.

For quite a while, I’ve been looking for a small business to create on PEI.  I’ve looked at different options but what sticks out to me is diabetes related things as I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for 21 years.

2. What can the public expect from your business?

The public can expect high quality diabetes supplies that will suit their needs and also save them money in the long run at an affordable rate.

3. You seem very passionate about this business. Where did your inspiration come from?

Living with diabetes for over 21 years and advocating for others, there is a gap in the market.  Diabetes supplies cost a lot of money, and a lot of people do not have the financial resources to purchase these supplies.  So, when they are able to do so, they want to ensure that they are getting every penny spent out of their products. 

4. Exactly what diabetes-related products are you currently selling? 

I will be selling adhesive patches to go over the top of CGM’s and Pump sites.  I plan on adding more products as this business grows and to hopefully carry multiple diabetes related products.

5. How can these products effectively impact the lives of those with diabetes?

Things like Continous Glucose Monitors (CGM’s/Sensors) and Insulin Pump infusion sites will sometimes peel or rip off quite easily, especially when you are an active person who sweats a lot, playing physical sports or bumps it often while working.  Most of these sensors cost anywhere $80-$100 per one, so when they are taken out before they are due to be changed, it can be quite frustrating for someone.  These items I will be selling will help ensure that they last the time that it is intended for and bring peace of mind to my clients.

6. From what you told me, products are only available for pickup. So when can we expect you to do shipping? 

I will be offering shipping to customers when product does arrive at a flat rate.  I will also be offering meet ups once a week in local areas such as Summerside-West.

7. Can you provide some details if customers can place their custom orders? 

They cannot. What we have in stock is what is offered from the manufacturer, so anything we have is what is in stock.

8. Provide some advice for the readers who share a strong passion for starting up their own business. 

Start small and make sure this is what you want to do. Take on small debt and look at all the incentives offered by government to start businesses. There are lots of grants available!

9. Are you a fan of any particular investments? Stocks? Crypto? ETFs? 

I am a fan. I currently am dipping into the Crypto fad with a small investment.  I will be furthering my investment into stocks into the future as well.

10. Owning a business requires owners to track cash flow and analyze funds available for inventory and new projects. Recently becoming a business owner, has your view on budgeting changed? Why or why not? 

Yes it has.  I find that I am more aware of flow in and out of the money that I have invested and want to ensure that the business I am running is profitable for the future.

11. Convince us why one of the ultimate goals of life is to become financially free? Would you consider yourself a Bank Breaker?  

I believe being financially free will allow people to enjoy more things in life.  Not having a mortgage or massive credit card debt would certainly help lessen the stress of everyday life and having to plan paycheck to paycheck.

12. Where can our viewers find more information about you and these products? 

Right now, you can find me on Facebook at ‘Type 1 Things’, by email at [email protected] or call me directly 902-954-0007. I will be hosting a Shopify website in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thank you very much to Anthony for taking the time to submit these questions. If you or anyone you know could benefit from these products, please take the time to contact Anthony so he can provide more information.

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