3 Sensational Books that make you think

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For the past year, I found much enjoyment in reading more than I have ever, especially on a vast array of topics. I do like my financial literature but will stumble out of those topics and have done so often. Fortunately, reading outside of this traditional topic has found me three good books that make you think and change your thinking.

So, while on this website, I typically provide book summaries or reviews. Today, I want to discuss some of these books that have changed my thinking. I decided to select these books for today that’s covered different topics as well. Each of these are nonfiction books. I have not included any that are fiction books, nor books about science fiction.  Yet each is much different from the other, so I think that provides more value to this article than giving a book related to the same topic. The various topics being discussed are personal finance, philosophy/strategy, and self-help.

Do I think that these are three of the good books that make you think? I potentially do consider these three books that could. It has for me, and I hope that serves as enough proof that these effects can transfer to you if you decide to read them. Of course, if you happen to have read them already or after the influence, this article may provide, let me know down below in the comments how you have enjoyed the book(s).

Without further a du, I will discuss the first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad (who could have predicted that I, a big Rich Dad Poor Dad fan, would include this book in the article?)

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

If you’ve been following along with this website for some time, you will come to understand that I am a big fan of Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. So, if you have been following along, this probably comes as no shock to you that I would include this book in the list. However, as much as I do rave and talk about my enjoyment with this book, it’s for a good reason.

You can say what you want about the author as well. However, this book remains timeless and has undoubtedly helped numerous people change their lifestyles and make more money. Additionally, this book is one of those classics that are easy to read I have found. As for myself, I feel these effects when I started thinking about investments, money, and, more importantly, assets. Those teachings are still in effect today additionally.


Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad has been one of the best-selling personal finance books for over 20 years. The book itself provides essentially the financial framework you need to become rich. Throughout the book, we are introduced to rich Dad which is Robert’s friend Mike’s father. In contrast, the poor Dad is Robert’s father. He uses each to highlights lessons through some of the experiences he’s had with them. Both the rich Dad and poor Dad helps the reader illustrate the difference in both men’s mindset and distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong.

Six lessons are discussed throughout the book serve as layouts on what you need to do to get rich. I have discussed these lessons and provided some examples in my Rich Dad poor Dad summary. You can check it out using the link below. While some lessons will and won’t surprise you, no doubt using each to your advantage can grant you the riches you desire to hold.

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The book allows the readers to take these lessons into full effect when applying them to their own lives. Robert does an excellent job of providing enough detail to understand each lesson, and the different stories that highlight the lessons are communicated effectively, in my estimation. Rich Dad Poor Dad isn’t intended to teach you what to invest in or learn how to invest in appreciating real estate. Instead, it intends to open your third financial eye to analyze your life around you and consider any new money resources that lay in your grasp.

How Rich Dad Poor Dad Changes Your Thinking:

The book is going to challenge how you think about building wealth and generating even riches. Before entering into the new financial view Robert offers us, you and I have had our own distinct beliefs of how someone can get rich. Yet after reading a bit of the book, we are left wondering how those who are rich earn their mass fortunes.

You may also question certain businesses or products in your daily interactions and how they could generate serious cash flow. It may ultimately leave you analyzing the room you’re in and wondering how particular items or products could create more cash flow into your pocket. Continuously asking this question in your mind will eventually lead you to an idea or two that will get you more cash seemingly.

Even if you are not interested in building riches and instead are looking to become financially independent, this is still a book to get you started. The basis is that it will make you consider the income sources you have available to you and could influence you on thinking if holding a 9-5 is exactly something you want to do.

To make the most effective change in the way you think, I recommend picking up Rich Dad Poor Dad with the study guide included. Throughout this study guide, Robert offers us some questions we need to be honest about. Questions reaffirm how we currently live our lives and make us ponder on what can be done better and how we can improve ourselves. Quotes from the chapter are also offered to make us consider how we feel about them, allowing us to debate about we are against a proposition or why it makes so much sense.

The 48 Laws of Power:

The 48 Laws of Power, written by Robert Greene, was a book I just read during the early parts of 2021. First, let me say that this book is exceptionally lengthy but don’t let that be a reading challenge. There are plenty of lessons to be learned, and Robert doesn’t hold back on the detail, which I appreciate because more detail gives me more opportunity to learn.

I will admit that it has taken a considerable amount of time to finish reading the book. However, it was well worth it. The book offers insurmountable knowledge and contributes to challenging our thinking of exactly how to obtain power while providing several strategies to think about using for themselves.


The 48 Laws of Power, as you guessed it, is a thought provoking book designed to teach you how you can obtain power. More specifically, it looks at the different ways and techniques used in history to help many giant figures get their supreme authority. Within every chapter, Robert offers a story or two to illustrate where each law was present and where the protagonist claimed what they wanted. Yet there are also discussions about where the law wasn’t present in situations, leading the protagonist ultimately to their downfall.

These stories are described to translate back to the great ancient Chinese wars and prevalent figures within the past, such as Alexander the Great, Galileo, and Napoleon Bonaparte. This book also acts as a history book where readers can also learn about specific points in history but mostly about certain figures in history. That’s an additional bonus.

Throughout each chapter, not only does Robert provide stories, but he offers poems and soliloquies on the side pages to further illustrate the lesson being taught to the reader. In reality, this book is pretty much a textbook, and for the reader, you couldn’t ask for anymore better. Its detail is most effective in understanding each law, but using the stories allows the readers to visualize how each law has been used and even where it could be used present day.

Obtaining power is no easy task. However, looking at history and breaking down the potential techniques to receive it today, there has been a no more straightforward and more effective guideline to obtain any amount of power than what Robert offers here.

How The 48 Laws of Power Changes your Thinking:

So, why include this as one of the best books that can change your thinking? Well, while the book does not directly teach you how you should obtain power, this is where it offers you the ability to think about various scenarios that can generate power or just generating power in general.

It is on you to take the 48 laws describes into your action if you desire to acquire any power. Throughout the book, you may strike inspiration on obtaining power through each of the stories being told. However, it may even make you consider who around you is instead of trying to acquire power. Do not let this book have you question your life considerably to determine who is completely taking advantage of you because you need to trust your friends and family. However, allow it to raise your guard and, in suspicious activity, make you think about who a person’s genuine attention may be. Maybe you shouldn’t even take that as advice.

However, if you seek to hold a high corporate position in a particular company, this book will be beneficial for you to read. You will consider the necessary steps and actions to obtain the power needed to rise above the ranks. Once again, this book is designed for you to think about how you can acquire power which is fine because this is a book that changes your thinking.

Even outside of being one of the potential books that make you think deeply, The 48 Laws of Power is a fantastic novel in general. I would recommend this novel if you’re also big into history and not wanting to acquire any power. I’ve enjoyed this read myself and want to reread it.

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable:

Lastly, in this list, Tim Grover’s book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable. After I had finished reading Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant, I was introduced to this book, written by Roland Lazenby. I actively sought a book based on Kobe’s mentality and dedication to his craft when I happened to stumble on this book. Yes, while The Mamba Mentality: How I Play breaks down some of this, nonetheless, I knew being able to read simply about the mindset and dedication would make for a fascinating read.

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Allowing the previous sentence to serve as my transition, there is no better way to understand the killer mentality the great Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Dwyane Wade have possessed than Tim Grover’s writing. Tim Grover, as we know, is a famous trainer and has trained highly competitive and talented sports legends, as we can see in the proceeding sentence.

Tim Grover has had first-hand experience working with these athletes and will teach you exactly how to go from good to great to unstoppable in whatever passion you’re chasing. Tim’s inside knowledge and references in this book are reasonable, and if you’re a big basketball fan, you’ll appreciate them. I certainly have because without Grover, we wouldn’t have this book, and we wouldn’t be able to witness the greatness of Kobe or Michael, among the other athletes.

Really while you do gain some insight into Kobe’s mentality and work determination, it’s primarily Tim’s insight into both of those which has translated into these prominent name athletes and sports history. Do not let that fact throw you off, though, as you will find many vital insights that will allow you to take them into practice in your own life. In addition, Tim Grover is just as motivated as Michael and Kobe were, so you’re not necessarily losing a step by reading the mentality and workforce of Tim and that he instills in his athletes.

So, if you want to build a better mentality or even a killer mentality, this would be the book I would have to recommend to you. If you read this a couple of times, I know that it can have beautiful effects on you.

How Does Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable Change Your Thinking?

How does the book change your thinking? Well, essentially, if you follow the rules that Tim Grover mentions, then you’re going to be able to change your life around completely. I’m not necessarily going to say it’s for the better, either. By following these rules religiously, you’re going to turn yourself into a monster. That’s how at least, I see it.

By drastically transforming yourself into a relentless person inspired to chase their deepest passions, your thinking is also apt to change. Most likely, you’re going to be poised to think about how hard you’re working, how much more work you can do, and really what you need to sacrifice to go from great to unstoppable. Essentially, thinking about the aspects of your life that you can change to achieve your desires at any cost necessary.

So your whole life is going to be revolved around hard work. And ultimately, if this possesses you, you may get to the point that you start to judge people around you based on how hard they work themselves. So signifying that, yeah, your thinking has changed for the better or, the worse, you decide if that’s beneficial or not.

I could say that if you do everything Tim tells you to do, then you will turn into a beast, and you’re thinking it will be revolved around how you can accomplish your goals and kill anyone that gets in the way. Don’t take that literally, just figuratively. This mindset change will change your thinking about life, friends, family, social experiences, and everything else will be different from yesterday. Tim will ask how dedicated you are to achieving everything you want? This question will change your mindset if you are willing to dedicate yourself “all in” to it.

Concluding Remarks:

I know these books are some of the best books that make you think and change that thinking. I’ve used them myself and can tell you that following the rules given out across each book will change your life, including your thought process and what you specifically think about.

If you are looking to read these books, I recommend that you read them with an open mind and debate each of the chapters or significant points being brought forth to you. Then, even if you disagree with a particular subject matter, you’ll walk away with a different perspective.

Can each of these books change your decision making as well? Totally. Are these some books to read that will change your life? I would still say yes. They can be life changing books, but only to the extent you use these teachings each provides will they be a book that will change your life and maybe the world. Remember, knowledge is only partial power.

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I do recommend reading each book regardless if you’re looking to change the way you think. In their own right, each of them possesses significant knowledge to me and plenty of details that are sufficient to understand what’s being taught. At the very least, if you decide to read one book from this list, you will have read something new.

Are you interested in more book lists? Do you know of any books that change your perspective or books that open your mind? I’m always looking for a novel about cryptocurrency. So if you have any recommendations, let me know, including the answers to the previous questions below in the comments. Maybe we need to start a book club, so we can sit around and talk about the things we love about Rich Dad Poor Dad all day (I’m joking, of course).

Disclaimer : I am not a financial advisor. You are trading at your own risk and should consult a financial advisor for any investment decisions. Do your own due diligence when considering investing, and this information is for education/informational purposes only. The article “3 Sensational Books That Make You Think” serves as educational content, not investing advice.