Our Mission & Story

Hey there! I’m Jesse, and currently, I am the lead writer for this website. Bank Breakers was initially started up during the Spring of 2020, whenever the coronavirus pandemic started to circulate.

The website’s goal has always remained the same; to provide quality content for our readers on various topics.

While this website is designed to provide this type of quality, it is also intended to motivate and help others invest in their future. To begin our financial independence journey or even toward investing in ourselves, it certainly takes a push.

I hope we can be a push for you and help serve you on this journey.

You’ll also find some showcases of individuals who are already taking the steps or have taken the steps needed to invest in their future to draw extra inspiration for you to take your journey.

The future is yours, and of course, it’s whatever you make of it. So please invest wisely and responsibly.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. You are trading at your own risk and should consult a financial advisor for any investment decisions. Do your own due diligence when considering investing, and this information is for educational/informational purposes only.

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