You’re probably wondering, what is a Bank Breaker? A Bank Breaker is an individual who takes any extra money or resources and invests it in their future.

We believe that investing in your future during your 20’s and 30’s is extremely important to help accomplish lifelong goals. Our commitment to educating means we put time and effort into making quality content easy to understand and informative to help you achieve your goals and desires. So come challenge your thinking about investing, money, and much more to learn something new and begin to worry less about the uncertain future.

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Providing everything you need to know about investing. From learning how to start investing today to investment strategies, you will be able to read our guides on the basics of investing.


We enjoy saving and making money and want to share various methods on how to do so.

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Books are a fantastic way to learn new things. Through the various books that we have read, we want to share its lessons and our own thoughts on just how transformative they can be for you.


Honesty is a key characteristic we believe in when writing and we understand our readers want the same. That’s why, from stocks to brokerages, we plan to do our own analysis and give you insight into whether we believe in these products, commodities, or services.

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Bank Breaker Showcase

"The Smart Money Podcast ( is all about educating and helping people with their personal finances. We cover topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and tricks to be smarter with your money, focused specifically to the Canadian market. The inspiration for this podcast was seeing my friends, as well as people older and younger than myself struggling to succeed, while spending money without care or thought.”
"Living with diabetes for over 21 years and advocating for others, there is a gap in the market.  Diabetes supplies cost a lot of money, and a lot of people do not have the financial resources to purchase these supplies.  So, when they are able to do so, they want to ensure that they are getting every penny spent out of their products."

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